Art in the Gerichtsöfe

In 1983 the first artist hired on favorable terms Warehouses in the six listed courts in Berlin-Wedding and built it according to their needs to workshops to. Over the years, the art district grew between Gerichtstraße and Wiesenstrasse and became a place of dynamism and creativity. With more than 70 artists from different backgrounds and artistic orientation is here now one of the largest art quarters in Germany arose.

The presentation to the outside is tradition.

Open studios have a long tradition in the courts. In the early years organized the artists, partly together with the Arts Office Wedding, Open Studios, brunch and studio visits in the series of „living museum“.

The landlady GESOBAU AG recognized the potential of artists and decided to get involved with this financially. 1995 organized a group of artists for the first time with the GESOBAU together Open Studios under the title „Weddinger summer festival in Hof + Atelier“. Moreover, financed by the GESOBAU, elaborate catalog of 21 participating artists appeared and offered for the first time a representative overview of artistic creation in the courts. This version of the open studios was continued until the year of 2002.

From August 2002 to January 2004 the artist with the GESOBAU took part regularly at the „Long Night of Museums“; more and more visitors where attracted in the Gerichtshöfe.

Since the GESOBAU had to reduce their commitment for economic reasons, founded the Artists Group in 2004 the association „Art in the Gerichtshöfe e.V.“. He aims to continue to open the studios on various occasions and to make the courts a place of lively exchanges between neighbors, artists and art enthusiasts. He is a non-profit, non-commercially oriented and is funded entirely by membership fees. All artists of the courts, regardless of the club membership participate in the projects and collaborate. The first self-organized participation in the „Long Night of Museums“ took place in August of 2004.


Die Art Lounge (2005–2009)

With the support of other sponsors and GESOBAU 2005 vacant space to Art Lounge was built and put into operation. The lounge was until 2009 the artists, tradesmen, courtyard neighbors and also GESOBAU available for events. It was used for exhibitions, theater performances, workshops, readings and parties and served the „Long Night of Museums“ as a central meeting place with information stand, gastronomic offer and seating. In 2009, the Art Lounge was remodeled and rented for office space.


Open studios, workshops and Nicholas Vernissage

With various events, the association also offers today a broad public to study the emergence of art in the studios know, to talk with the artists and the creative type and even in workshops. The offer is aimed not only at an art and cultural interested audience, but also to people who do not normally find their way to a gallery.

Be it „goes MoMA, the Wedding comes“ the „Long Night of Museums“, on special occasions such as, in the context of art fairs such as the „Art Forum“, the „Wedding Culture Festival“ yearly with adult or children‘s workshops or Nicholas vernissage called „MoKuzuMimi – Modern Art to take away“. The artists provide insight into the studios and workshops, recent work, different work techniques and looking for talking with the visitors.